ECO Farm 640W/720W/960W Foldable LED Grow Light With Samsung 301B Chips +UV+IR High Yielding Dimmable LED Strips

ECO Farm

ECO Farm 640W/720W/960W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light, the very latest technology in LED plant lighting. Results have proven that LEDs are ideal for every stage of growth, directly replacing traditional HID plant lighting.

Conventional forms of indoor grow lighting can consume large amounts of electricity and arent very power efficient. That is why our Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights are most preferred. They have a power output that is capable of producing a superior amount of light without having to draw too much power.

LED lighting will allow the grower years of trouble free service without having to replace grow lamps.

ECO Farm LED horticultural grow lights can achieve optimal light proportion by using the most improved color uniformity and luminous efficiency available. They contain the most favorable spectrum and colour ratios for healthy, rapid plant growth.

Recommendation for adjusting the height:

Height 150-160CM
Height 120-140CM
Flowering --Harvest Height 50-70CM

Apply For:

Grow tent
Horticulture lighting
Indoor planting growth
Hydroponic cultivation
Farming plants research

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