ECO Farm 6"(15cm) Drip Bottom For Hydroponics Horticulture Growing Equipment

ECO Farm

Collections: ECO Farm Accessories, ECO Farm Planting Container

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  • Built-in overflow system
  • 360° bottom lip directs all water and nutrients to your plant
  • Four three-way stakes on the bottom for extra stability
  • BPA and lead-free plastic

Any gardening or growing project starts with the perfect germination tray, helping your plants establish a root system while reaping the benefits of a containerized environment. Sturdy, durable plastic construction will last through many uses. Our reusable trays are an eco-friendly investment to cut down your costs and reduce waste. Ideal for seed and cutting propagation, these thin wall cloning trays strike a perfect balance between lightweight ease of use and long-wearing durability. Compatible with hydroponic grow mats and heat mats.

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