ECO Farm 5 Tray Weed Dryer Dehydration Machine

ECO Farm

ECO Farm herb dryer features all food-grade safe plastic construction, a clear housing to monitor food.

This Food Grade Safe Plastic (BPA free) herb dryer is built to ensure ‘Super’ long-lasting reliability & easy cleanup. The temp ranges allow for precision drying.

When using the herb dryer always follow the manual directions, for the correct drying temperature of desired food & prepping if need be. Do not overlap food on trays, this will disrupt airflow & proper drying.

Save Time, Money, and Space

How long does it take to dry weed? Typically it can take a week or more until it’s fully dried. Not to mention, drying marijuana takes up a lot of valuable space. Space that could be used to expand your grow.

Why not save time, space, and ultimately money when you’re drying your cannabis? ECO Farm takes up a little over one square foot and can dry at least 6 ounces in that small space.

The ECO Farm dryer provides a controlled drying environment, meaning your weed is perfectly dried in less time than it takes to hang dry. All while retaining potency, terpenes, and flavor.


  • Fill tray, leaving no space between buds for maximum capacity.
  • Repeat with up to 5 trays per dryer unit.
  • Place lid on top.
  • Turn on unit.
  • Use the lowest Temp for about 72 Hours. (Please kindly note that the temperature and time for each plants are different, so we highly recommend you to have a test firstly.)

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