ECO Farm 480W LED Light Strips With Samsung 301B Chips +UV IR High Efficiency Light With Inventronics Driver

ECO Farm

ECO Farm 480W LED grow light adopt real Samsung LM301B Diodes and high safety performance Inventronics driver to achieve high PAR output to speed up plant’s growth and boost yields, longer lifespan and reliability than other growing lights

Compare to single plate and driver integrated growth light of other brands, our LED grow lights adopt ultra-thin heat-conducting fins heat sink to achieve quick heat dissipation.

ECO Farm 480W lights with dimming knob allows to control the light intensity or height and provide the right amount of light in every stage of plant growth, which can reduce energy loss. 

No fan, working in quiet, no noise bother

Excellent heat dissipation performance, no noise




              2083 μmol/(m·s)

Effective   Illuminated Area  (100CM Height)

4*4 ft

LED Quantity

Samsung 301B 350mA 5000K 268pcs 3000k 180pcs

epileds chips: 42mi700mA chip 3030-660nm16pcs 3030 350mA-740nm2pcs 3030-350mA395nm 2pcs

Single Current

350mA 700mA

Power Factor


Product Size


Plug Type


Input Voltage

AC85 ~ 277~ 347V

Color Temperature CCT

Monochromatic wavelength ratio full spectrum

LED Brand

Samsung 301B

IP Rating


  Lighting Angle


Material Of   Lighting Housing

Aviation Aluminum

Storage Temperature

-30°C ~ 60°C

Working Temperature

-25°C ~ 45°C

Working Lifetime




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