ECO Farm 400W/600W With SMD Chips LED Grow Light

ECO Farm

  • Unique design, top quality Led Grow Light.
  • Optimized full spectrum best for growing and flowering.
  • Environmental, low heat, low power consumption,energy-saving.
  • Aluminium face shield design, cooling fan with aluminium alloy heat sink panel, good for heat dissipation.
  • High quality and long service life, can light up to 50,000hrs.
  • Very helpful to the growth of plants, flowers,vegetables,etc.
  • Indoor led plant grow light perfect for greenhouse plants, plant enthusiasts, plant breeders, etc.
  • Easy to install and use, plugging into the electric outlet(AC85v-265V) directly.
  • One module with 50W true power, 400W with 8 module, 600W with 12 module. 800W with 16 module, 1000W with 20 module.
  • LM301B one module with 72 beads: 59pcs of full spectrum beads+11 red beads+1 UV+1 IR

400W Led Grow Light With Two Driver Specifications:

Power 400 W
Product Materail: aluminium materials heat sink
Weight 10KG
Size 60*60*5cm
Power Factor >0.95
Dimension 600*600*48.8
Input voltage 90-140V/170-265V
Plug customized
LED chip SAMSUNG LM301B /SMD chips
Storage Temperature -30°C ~ 60°C
Working Temperature -25°C ~ 45°C
Lighting Angle 90°
IP Grade IP67
PPF 2.53μmol/S/W
PPFD PPFD,700umol@60CM,1450umol@30cm
Lifespan 50000 hours
Note Can make it dimmer

    600W Led Grow Light With Three Driver Specifications:




    Height 15cm-1572μmol/(m·s);Height 30cm-805μmol/(m·s)

    Effective Illuminated Area (80-100CM height)

    1.5-2 square meters

    Power Factor






    Input Voltage

    AC 85 ~ 277 V


    Monochromatic wavelength:Full spectrum wavelength

    LED chip

    SAMSUNG LM301B /SMD chips

    IP Grade


    Lighting Angle



    aluminium materials heat sink

    Storage Temperature

    -30°C ~ 60°C

    Working Temperature

    -25°C ~ 45°C


    50000 hours

    Manufacturer's Warranty:

    3 years

    Recommended for:

    Grow tents, Grow rooms, Large indoor grows
    Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems

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