ECO Farm 4-layer Grinder Bluetooth Audio Aluminum Alloy Material Color Random

ECO Farm

  • 4 Layers Aluminum indoor growing plants al tobacco grinder, 3colors to choose black, green, silver.
  • Premium grinder use electroplating surface so there won't be the problem of painting peeling off.
  • With the improvement of the sharp curved teeth, the grinder can cut and flutter your tobacco and most indoor growing plants s and smoothly rotates. It's better that the indoor growing plants s are dry.
  • The bottom compartment can gather the indoor growing plants powder while they filters through a mesh screen.
  • Diameter 62mm (2.4Inches), height73mm (2.9Inches), Can grind more tobacco at one time.


1.The indoor growing plants Grinder is made from high-grade material
2.This grinder can not be used to grind most spices into powder.
3.Sharp curved diamond teeth shred and fluff your indoor growing plants quickly and with ease.
4.If you want to grind the indoor growing plants s thoroughly you can reverse the grinder and grind them a little longer so that the indoor growing plants s won't fall down before they were small enough.

Material: Aluminum alloy
Size: 62mm*73mm,
Weight: 300g
Color: black, green, silver
Package included: 1 x Grinder

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