ECO Farm 4/6/8 Inch Smart Sensor Inline Duct Exhaust Fan

ECO Farm

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It’s a smart exhaust fan which can adjus speed and ON/OFF automatically according to sensing the changes on environmental temperature , humidity and air quality VOC value.

1. Fan body is made of eco-friendly material with beautiful lines and double insulation.

2. Fan blade is designed according to fluid dynamics principle to reach optimal airflow and air pressure.

3. Two-layer sound absorbent cotton and sound wave holes are produced inside to reduce noise level.

4. Double diameter connection, sealing-up, leak-proof and shockproof.

5. Inside backdraft damper is designed to prevent return air and insects.

6. Special joint is designed for easy installation and maintenance.

7. Japanese NMB ball bearing with long working life over 50000hours.

8. IP44 protection class

9. Optional timer delay, humidity sensor, temperature sensor or other functions.

10. Operating temperature range: -20℃~60℃.

11. This series offers solution to ventilation problems, especially in places where very low noise is required.

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