ECO Farm 3L Garden Hand Pump Pressure Fine Mist Water Sprayer

ECO Farm

  • ECO Farm water sprayer adopts explosion-proof air valve, improved spray head, water mist dual purpose, strong continuous pressure.
  • The non-slip grip, buckle design, elastic button, the grip is just right.
  • The thicker pressure rod has strong bearing capacity and is not easy to break, so it is safe to use.
  • Improved nozzle, tightening is misty and fine, loosening is strong water column, which can be switched freely.
  • Explosion-proof gas valve, automatic and manual pressure reduction can be used, explosion-proof and safe.

  • Material: PET
  • Type: Watering can/Spray can
  • Applicable scenarios: water spray, spray, watering, disinfection
  • Specification: 3L
  • Color: purple, blue, green




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