ECO Farm 330W/500W/630W ECOH Quantum Board With Samsung 301H & LH351H Chips And Meanwell Driver Commercial LED Grow Light

ECO Farm

  • Powered by MeanWelland built with top bin Samsung LM301H 3000K & 5000K and Samsung LH351H 660nm Red and 730nm IR LEDs.
  • Ultra thick aluminum radiator, reliable passive-cooled design.
  • Adjustable Light Dimensions, the distance between each board can be adjusted freely.
  • Muiti-Control of Knob/Dasiy Chain Dimming/RJ11 Dimming.
  • Even distribution with 120 Degree Wide Beam Angle.
  • Highest Density SMD diode distribution and Highest Penetrability. 
  • ETL Pending, Conforms to UL Std 8800

Grow Tips:

  • 330W Recommend grow space: Veg 4'x 5', Bloom 3'x 4'; 
  • 500W Recommend grow space: Veg 5'x 5', Bloom 4'x 4';
  • 630WRecommend grow space: Veg 6'x 6', Bloom 5'x 5';
  • Recommend hanging height: 36"-40" for germination, 24"-36" for seedling, 18"-24" for vegetative, 12"-18" for bloom;
  • Light is not waterproof, and ensure a safe electricity environment and normative operation;
  • Do not look directly at the quantum board when the light is ON, use your grow glasses.

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