ECO Farm 320W/640W LED Grow Light With 630nm+460nm Full Spectrum Hydroponic Grow System Light Strips

ECO Farm

Horticulture ECO Farm LED full spectrum light is suitable for plant growth.
Applications: Horticultural lighting vertical farm indoor farm, Supplementary lighting greenhouse, designed for balanced growth equipment, stimulates enhanced plant growth.

CY-320W CY-640W
Spectrum Full Spectrum
Power 320W 640W
Input Voltage 100-277V
Frequency 50-60Hz
PPFD 1169 1433
PPF 2.56μmol/S/W 2.56μmol/S/W
PF value 0.97 0.97
Working current 630mA
Gross Weight 4.2KG 8.1KG
Item Size 573*99*81mm 1143*99*81mm
Lifespan >50,000 h
Working Temperature -20°C~40°C
Total Number of LEDs 640pcs 1280pcs
Irradiation area 0.6/0.3m 0.9/60m 0.9/0.3m 1.6/60m

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