ECO Farm 320W/630W VR Series Single LED Linear Grow Light

ECO Farm

  • High-performance aluminum alloy light, fast heat dissipation, uniform illumination, life span up to 50000 hours.
  • Built-in aluminum alloy no flicker power supply driver.
  • Better heat dissipation than a plastic power driver
  • It has full voltage, high stability, high precision, high transformation efficiency, short circuit protection function.
  • The use of aluminous shell for better heat dispersion and longer lifetime.
  • The ratio of full-spectrum: the scientific-proven ratio of full light spectrum which is suitable for different stages. (With a different height to plant) of plant growth and enhancing photosynthesis.

1. Fixtures must be operated by a licensed electrician.
2. Check if fixtures are in good condition once the packaging is open.
3. Do not let fixture fall down from ceiling system or clash to hard staff.
4. Make sure that the cable of fixture is long enough to connect.Do not knot or pull the cable strongly.
5. Do connect input end of fixture to output end of LED driver.
6. Wiring must be firm and tight with insulation protection well.Be aware of electricity shock.
7. Keep fixture and LED driver away from water or liquid,free from electric leakage and eletricity shock.

Item No. LM-PG01-320W-LHP LM-PG01-630W-LHP
POWER: 320W 630W
Light Sourse: Samsung LM301B Samsung LM301B
Spectrum: Full spectrum Full spectrum
PPF: 1842umol/s-2240umol/s 1506umol/s-1792umol/s
PPF Efficacy: 2.3umol/J-2.8umol/J 2.3umol/J-2.8umol/J
Input Power: 320W±5% 630W±5%
Input Voltage: 100-277V 100-277V
Fixture Dimensions: 573*99*81MM 1143*99*81MM
Net Weight: 2KG 4KG
Mounting Height: ≥6inch ≥6inch
Lifespan: 50000 hours 50000 hours
Warranty: 5 years 5 years
Certificate: ETL,cETL,DLC,CE,RoHS


3 years

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