ECO Farm 320W/1000W Dimmable Led Grow Light With Samsung And SMD Chips

ECO Farm

ECO Farm light bar are consist of 4/12 80w LEDs, with a combined power of 320-400w. It is placed in the wafer 5730-660nm-single dual chip 250mAm, Samsung 5630-3000k-4000K-single 166mA can add crystals 410nm, 730nm led chip with different wavelength Provides the spectrum needed by plants, helping to maintain plant growth and yield stability.

LED grow light is a new type of plant growth supplement light. The environment and climate change affects the growth of plants. After testing, the wavelength of LED grow light is very suitable for plant growth, flowering and fruiting. Plant growth lights are the world's leading high-precision technology products that use semiconductor lighting principles and are dedicated to the production of flowers and vegetables. LED light irradiation can not only promote its growth, but also extend the flowering period and improve the quality of flowers.

Power 1000W 320w
Operating Voltage 85-277V 85-277V
Driver power Songsheng Dimming Driver Songsheng Dimming Driver
Size 1000*1150*95mm 1000*600*95mm
Chips Samsung+ SMD Samsung+ SMD
Power factor ≥0.9 ≥0.9

Test Data (At 70cm):

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