ECO Farm 30W UV 395NM + 385NM Supplemental Single Light Bar

ECO Farm


ECO Farm 30W UV light (395nm + 385nm) is extremely important for plant growth too. In safe doses, UV helps produce oils that create the great smells and tastes you are looking for in your crop. That's what the plant produces to protect itself from more UV exposure. Just like us, plants create their own natural sunblock.

UV grow lights can also produce changes/increases in phenolic compounds, flavonoid pigments, resins and oil production, etc. As plants are exposed to UV light, they produce such compounds to protect themselves, similar to the way you might put sunscreen on so you don’t get sunburn. While these effects are highly desirable for many crops.

LED Type: Seoul
Number of chips: Seoul 385nm 10pcs + Seoul 395nm 20pcs
Typical Power Consumption: 30Watt
Input Voltage: 100-277Vac (347V/480V optional)
AC Current:
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power Factor: >0. 98
Dimming: Non-dimming
Heat Output: 99BTU/hr
Dimension: 27. 9"x3. 15"x2. 5"
Net Weight (KGS): 1. 35KG
Gross Weight (KGS): 1. 5KG
Certificate: CE RoHS



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