ECO Farm 30W IR 730NM + Red 660NM Osram Chips Supplemental Single Light Bar

ECO Farm

The 30W IR 730NM + Red 660NM light bar frequency will encourage young plants to develop larger leaves and will also affect the photoperiodism (Flowering phase) of short-day plants. When short-day plants are exposed to far-red light, it will encourage them to flower. So, many growers will use far red lights like a 730nm LED light bar for a few minutes up to two hours before the lights off phase. Doing this will speed up flowering, meaning you will see flowers develop quicker than without far red light.

Number of chips: 20PCS IR OSRAM 730NM + 10PCS OSRAM 660NM
Typical Power Consumption: 30Watt
Input Voltage: 100-277Vac (347V/480V optional)
AC Current:
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power Factor:>0. 98
Dimming: Non-dimming
Heat Output: 99BTU/hr
Dimension: 27. 9"x3. 15"x2. 5"
Net Weight (KGS): 1. 35KG
Gross Weight (KGS): 1. 5KG
Certificate: CE RoHS


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