ECO Farm 26W Sunlight Full Spectrum LED Grow Light With E27 Head Light

ECO Farm

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ECO Farm Par38 sunlight Full-band Plant Light With E27 Lamp Head LED Full-spectrum Plant Fill Light has the best color ratio which is more suitable for the vegetative period and flowering period of any plant. It exerts different effects of different wavelengths on different growth stages of plants. Promote plant growth, increase yield, extend flowering time, and make plants more vibrant.
Plants need light for nutrient uptake, and they use light energy for photosynthesis to obtain nutrients necessary for growth and development. LED plant growth light is a special lamp with specific spectral wavelengths that replaces sunlight with light emitted by LED light-emitting elements, and is specially designed to promote plant photosynthesis and create a light environment suitable for plant growth and development.
Promote plant growth, increase germination rate and survival rate.
Use high quality aluminum, good heat conductivity, perfect solve the problem of heat dissipation.
The surface is smooth, easy installation, strong conductivity and anti corrosive and durable.






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