ECO Farm 2.5L Double Nozzle Silent Humidifier For Greenhouse Planting

ECO Farm


  • ECO Farm humidifier adopts imported nano magnetic energy jet chip, which can continuously and stably merge and jet out nano ions.
  • Simulation jet aircraft engine technology, strong water mist, double the airflow.
  • Intelligent constant humidity enables it to stabilize the indoor temperature at different temperatures brought about by the changes in the four seasons, avoiding growers' worry about insufficient humidity in the plant growth environment.
  • The 38DB (A) was achieved by using ultrasonic mute technology, low decibel running sound, almost no noise.
  • The ABS shell is preferred, which is safe and durable.

  • Applicable area: 41-60 square meters
  • Water tank capacity: 1.0-2.5 liters
  • Number of fog outlets: 2
  • Timing function: 2-8 hours
  • Water shortage and power failure protection: support
  • Power supply mode: USB
  • Shape: columnar
  • Noise: 36dB or less
  • Rated voltage: 5 (V)
  • Package size: 12.5*12.5*20cm
  • Weight: 0.5kg
  • Humidifier function description:
  • Plug in the power source and light on for 12 seconds, using DC-5V power supply
  • 1. Button short press:
  • First gear: Normal spray mode, two sprays are turned on for eight hours and turned off
  • Second gear: intermittent spray, spray for three seconds, stop for three seconds, and circulate for eight hours to turn off the spray
  • Third gear: intermittent spray, spray for six seconds, stop for three seconds, and cycle for eight hours to turn off the spray
  • Fourth gear: closed
  • 2. Long press the button, long press again to turn off the light


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