ECO Farm 150W/300W Quantum Board With Samsung 301B +Red Light MeanWell Driver

ECO Farm

  • Over 90% highly reflective aluminum ensures quickly the flourish of your plants. High reflectivity aluminum hood boosts reflectivity by 20% compared to standard aluminum reflectors; Contouring of the polished surface ensures no hot spots or dead spots
  • Newest high efficient Samsung 301B chips LEDs, higher light intensity, less light decay, better lumens and PAR values than ordinary lamp beads. It runs at a lower temperature and can bring higher energy conversion and longer life. environments.
  • No fans no noise. No additional fan zero noise.

QB-150W QB-300W
Spectrum Full Spectrum
Power 150W 300W
Input Voltage 100-277V
LED Chips Samsung LM301B
Frequency 50-60Hz
PPFD 1169 1433
PPF 2.12μmol/s/W 2.16μmol/s/W
PF value 0.99 0.99
Working current 630mA
Gross Weight 2.75KG 3.5KG
Item Size 360*360*80mm 560*560*80mm
Lifespan >50,000 h
Working Temperature -20°C~40°C
Total Number of LEDs 340pcs 660pcs
Irradiation area 0.6/30CM 1.5/30CM


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