ECO Farm 138L Portable Commercial Dehumidifier For Greenhouse

ECO Farm

  • ECO Farm's large-capacity dehumidifier has a built-in eight-liter large water tank with a large dehumidification capacity.
  • Really large 1.5P dry experience, 3520W large cooling capacity, the greater the cooling capacity, the better the dehumidification effect.
  • Highly equipped dehumidification, strong power, from good core, cold and high temperature resistance, stable performance, overload protection.
  • Ultra-large centrifugal fan, matched with volute air duct, large air volume, enhance air circulation, and dehumidify stronger.
  • Humanized functional design: Humidity housekeeper can accurately control humidity with simple operations. Time steward, 24-hour timer switch machine setting. With intelligent memory, the machine will automatically generate an operating mode based on the user's 90-day usage habits. The fault manager, the screen displays the cause of the fault, the display "E1" is the defrost sensor failure, and the display "E2" is the temperature and humidity sensor failure.
  • The external drainage pipe can be directly discharged into the underground pipe to avoid the trouble of frequent water pouring.
  • All copper two vessels, plus hydrophilic aluminum foil treatment process, condensing water is more efficient.
  • Thickened and hardened metal shell, strong and wear-resistant, high-strength sheet metal material, the surface is sprayed, and has the characteristics of anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion.

Dehumidification Volume: >3.1L/h
Capacity (pints / 24h): 138L
Water Tank Capacity (l): >10.1L
Dehumidifying Technology: compressor
Type: Refrigerative
Dehumidifier Application: >60sqm
Working Temperature Range: 5-38dc
Dimensions(LxWxH(Inches): 1170*505*405mm
Voltage (V): 220v-50hz
Power (W): 2000w
Range of temperature control: RH30-95%
Net weight: 62kg
Cycling air volume: 1800m³/h
Coolant: R134A


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