ECO Farm 120W LED Grow Light Bar With Samsung 561C+ Osram Chips Full Spectrum Light

ECO Farm

EXTREMELY LARGE GROW AREA- Compared with other plant led grow light, the outstanding feature of this lamp is that it has a larger irradiation area. This is not only due to the wonderful led lamp beads, but also because of its special appearance design.

NEWEST GROW LED- Newest high efficient leds , higher light intensity, less light decay , better lumens and PAR values than ordinary lamp beads. It runs at a lower temperature and can bring higher energy conversion and longer life. 

Full Spectrum- This light contains every kind of light that plants need. And it provides plants Veg and Flower all stages with everything they desire in the natural sunlight .

Working area: 59*42cm,
Irradiation area: 105*50cm,
Single package: 45*30*8cm,
Gross weight: 1.84kg,
Total lamp beads: Samsung 561C+Osram red light 676pcs LED,
PAR: 700umol/m2/s 

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