ECO Farm 120W/125W/240W/480W Waterproof Quantum Board LED Grow Lights With Samsung And Osram Chips

ECO Farm

Reflector Cup or Frosted Lens + Reflector Cup type can be optional for 30~50% stronger canopy penetration and evener light distribution than traditional quantum boards. It’s made of Samsung LM301B/LM301H and Osram Oslon SSL 660nm or 660nm + 730nm, creating tailor-made light recipes for faster growing and higher gram buds. It can be waterproof IP65 for safer operation in high humidity environment. Forget the traditional quantum boards, choose the RX-G1910-90 series for your grow tents cultivation.

  1. Revolutionary secondary optical design, 1-to-1 replacement of traditional quantum board.
  2. Made of Samsung+ Osram LED, creating up to 2μmol/J high efficacy.
  3. Tailor-made light recipes for fast growing and high gram buds.
  4. Waterproof up to IP65 for safe operation in high humidity environment.
  5. 15mm thickness heatsink with 20mm spacing to LED driver for great heat dissipation.
  6. Input Voltage: AC100~305V,Maximum Power: 120W, PF>0.9.
  7. Lifetime: 50,000hrs, Warranty: 3yrs for 90D board and power supply, 1yr for 90 board.

Chinese suppliers beam angel full spectrum ip65 1000w waterproof quantum board led grow light for automated hydroponic system


Alternating Current -AC vs. Direct Current-DC
The difference between AC and DC lies in the direction in which the electrons flow. In DC, the electrons flow steadily in a single direction, or "forward." In AC, electrons keep switching directions, sometimes going "forward" and then going "backward."
Alternating current is the best way to transmit electricity over large distances.

Preferred plant spectrum, F15 more dark red spectrum 660nm, F16 additional far red light 730nm, more suitable for medicinal plant growth

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