ECO Farm 480W/600W/960W V4 Series With Samsung 301B/301H Chips Full Spectrum LED Light Strips Pro Version With Separately UV+IR Control

ECO Farm

1. Best Samsung LM301B/ LM301H LED Chip offer high yielding
2. IP65 waterproof silicone coating.
3. Samsung Normal Spectrum: Full Spectrum, 660nm+730nm, 660nm+730nm+385nm.
4. Applicable to diversify greenhouse vegetables, flowers and plants for cultivation lighting
5. Color control dimming separately: 3 dimmers, one MEAN WELL HLG power supply to control white light, one MEAN WELL ELG power supply to control red light (including 660nm and 730nm), and one domestic power supply to control UV (UV light due to its low power. The power supply has no suitable model, use Domestic power supply.


480W(with four strips):

LED: 864pcs LM301B/LM301H+48pcs OSRAM 660nm+16pcs OSRAM 730nm+ 16PCS LG385nm


600W:(with five strips)

LED: 1200pcs LM301B/LM301H+60pcs OSRAM 660nm+20pcs OSRAM 730nm+ 20PCS LG385nm

960W: (with eight strips)

LED: 1920pcs LM301B/LM301H+96pcs OSRAM 660nm+32pcs OSRAM 730nm+ 32PCS LG385nm

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