ECO Farm 0-10V Dimming Smart Grow Light Controller For LED Grow Light And Dimmable Electronic Ballast

ECO Farm

ECO Farm master controller with dual channel module and each channel is programmable. It allowing to control two separate grow areas or rooms. This controller uses LED touch screen to facilitate navigation. The timer of the controller is based on the standard 12-hour clock (standard time) or 24-hour system (military time, 1: 00-24: 00)

The master controller has 2 cycle option for selection. The Daily Cycle which is for operating within a 1-24 hour time frame(1-24 hours) and Custom Cycle which is for operating within a 48 hour cycle(1-48 hours). Please notice these settings when programming the timer. Sunrise/Sunset settings allow you to slowly dim on and off your lights mimicking the natural light cycle. The master controller also has safety features to dim or shut off lights, plants could be injured if the grow area is too hot, such as HVAC failure.  

  • Lighting controller for both HPS ballasts and LED grow light
  • No need for a switchboard
  • Dual channel module
  • Easy and safe installation (low voltage device)
  • Short circuit protection
  • Temperature control function
  • Display of power in W or%
  • Auto shut off when the temperature setting
  • 2 cycles available (1-24 and 1-48 hours)
  • Sunrise&sunset
  • Control up to 100 ballasts
  • LED touch screen



Input voltage


Control voltage outputs

2 Groups A/B

Numbers of ballasts per output

100Pcs Max

Max cable length per group


Overheat protection


Sunrise/sunset setting






1. Keep the smart light controller in a cool and dry environment, away from dust, dust, heat and moisture.
2. Make sure all RJ and power cords are safely routed away from heat, moisture, mechanical movement or any thing that may damage cords.
3. Do not use abrasives, acids or solvents to clean master controller. Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the controller.
4. Do not attempt to disassemble or repair the master controller. This will void the controller warranty
5. ECO Farm grow light controllers are designed to work with GC RJ14 data cords. Using other brand or non-RJ14 data cords could cause malfunctions and may void the warranty.

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