Bowl Leaf Trimmer M-6000S Series 16 Inch Bud Flower Spin Cut Trimmer

ECO Farm

Collections: ECO Farm Leaf Trimming

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Product Description:

16 inch Clear Top model features a clear plastic top for better visibility, a removable handle for convenient storage, and removable grille for easy service. This trimmer will cut twigs, remove leafs, and preserve buds from a variety of plants. The iPower trimmer is essential in making hash, oils, aromatherapy products, and potpourris. It harnesses the power of 30 scissors in 1 unit and comes with (1) set of wire blades and (1) straight blade.


Product Features:

16 inch diameter model
Clear plastic top for visual & precision cutting
Trim twigs & remove leaves (Hydroponic)
Harness the power of 30 scissor in 1 Unit
Comes with 1 wire blade & 1 straight blade.

Stainless Steel Grille

Allows plant leafs to penetrate the spaces between the grille, without cutting too much material away from the harvest

Stainless Steel Blade

Manual operation allows precise control of the trimming process.

Wire blades are recommended for cutting through delicate material, whereas flat blades are recommended for cutting through wet or hardened material.

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