B.Lite 1000w Premium DE HPS Fixture w/ Bulb - 240V

ECO Farm

Professional grower, gardener, or hobbyist, the premium 1000W DE HPS/MH fixture meets the needs of growers of all skills and scale. The latest DE HPS fixture allows growers to elongate plant height to the maximum, even in places with space restraints. The enlarged reflector and multi-watt options increase the canopy coverages, so the plantations at the corners receive desired nutrition.

  • Double-Ended High-Pressure Sodium Fixture: The DE/HPS fixture means better light output, leading to a healthier yield.

  • Maximize Plant Growth: The lay-flat design promotes healthier and taller plants even in short spaces.

  • Can be Paired with Remote: Growers get the option to pair the fixture with a B-lite master zone controller, thus allowing easy accessibility.

  • Wider Coverage: The fixture comes paired with an enlarged reflector which allows maximum canopy coverage. So, the light reaches the maximum number of plants.

The B-Lite premium is the new age-growing solution designed keeping in mind the amateur and professional growers. Whether you grow plants out of hobby, profession, run a small scale business, or a large scale business, you can accommodate the lighting fixture according to the diverse requirements.

Reasonably priced, the grow light fixture has a lay-flat design that promotes healthier plant growth. You can expect maximized plant growth even in grow areas with space restraints. The grow light comes with an enlarged reflector which allows a wider spread of light. Even the plants lying at the corner or possibly away from the lighting fixture receive a considerable amount of light with wider coverage.

Take grows to the next level with the DE/HPS fixture. Double-ended, low-pressure sodium fixtures give a low shadow footprint and ensure a healthy yield with a high output PPF.

Grow organic green, leafy vegetables and make massive profits.

The DE lights have been proven best for commercial growers as it ensures even light distribution. The DE lights deliver 30% more intense light in comparison to the regular horticulture solutions. The HPS grow lights are great for flowering purposes. If a plant is in the initial growth phase, the HPS grow light will do great wonders to the yield.

You get the option to pair the grow light with the B-lite master controller. It is a renowned, trusted, user-friendly lighting controller which comes with a touch screen display. By connecting the grow light with the master controller, you can create and schedule grow recipes within seconds.

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