Adjust-A-Wing Single End MH/HPS Grow Lights Reflector

ECO Farm


Type: Unknown Type

Style: With Cord
Size: Avenger - Large | Single End

The " adjustable light spread" allows growers to create ideal lighting conditions across all stages of plant growth for increased vitality, health & yield. 95% reflective proprietary textured German aluminum. Twice the power & efficiency of most other reflectors. Increase the growing area under each lamp byup to 75%. increase yieldper lampup to 50%. sold in 17 countries across 4 Continents, Adjust-A-Wings are the " reflectors of choice" for many of the world's top growers! Medium dimensions: 22" x 24", 25", 26" or 27". Large dimensions: 28" x 36", 37", 38", 39" or 40". an additional socket assembly can be added to a Large adjust-a-wing. Allows operation of two 400W MH & HPS lamps or two 600W HPS lamps.