220V Negative Pressure Ventilation Exhaust Fan Greenhouse Cooling Equipment

ECO Farm

  • The ECO Farm exhaust fan adopts intelligent frequency conversion to save electricity, and the temperature control system is turned on with one key to cool down quickly, which is beneficial to the ventilation and cooling of the greenhouse.
  • Thickened galvanized sheet shell, more rust-proof than galvanized material, thickened body is more stable, automatic opening and closing of white leaves, U-shaped stamping fan blades.
  • IP55 protection motor, pure copper motor, powerful electricity, high-quality rubber belt, high-density galvanized protective net.
  • When the machine is not in use, the leaf windows can be opened manually for natural ventilation, which is convenient and quick.
  • The shutters are driven by a heavy hammer, and the closing and opening are both pulled by the gravity of the heavy hammer. The sealing is better and the opening angle is larger.

Airflow direction: negative pressure fan
Material: galvanized
Fan pressure: high pressure fan
Voltage: 220v
Type: Exhaust fan
Performance: wear-resistant fan
Purpose: ventilation, temperature reduction and exhaust
Shaft power: 370 (kw)
Number of blades: 6
Weight: 32 (kg)
Speed: 1400 (r/mim)
Scope of application: industry, aquaculture, large-scale places
Air volume: 27000


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