ECO Farm Z6/ Z8 Series 600W/800W LED Grow Light Strips UV IR Separately Control Light With Samsung 301B Chips

ECO Farm

  • The emitted ECO Farm Z6/Z8 series lights are the most average, just like sunlight, which can provide the corner plants lights as much as to the center plants.
  • Independent 3 channels spectrum control. Our UV IR are separate switch control. UV IR separate switch control can optimal growth, which could improve flower quality and yield.
  • The changeable spectrum is suitable for different scenes, as well as different plant growth periods.
  • ECO Farm Z-series light features full-spectrum white Samsung LM301B diodes, 660nm Deep Red diodes, 730nm IR diodes, 395nm UV diodes.
  • Removable and replaceable lightbars, modular installation
  • Passive cooling design
  • Good for tent & vertical & greenhouse & commercial grow.
  • Maximize every inch of your garden with ECO Farm Z6/Z8 series light on the market, corner to corner.
  • - IR is used when decides to switch the plant from the VEG stage to the flowering stage.
    - UV is recommended to turn on in the last two weeks of the flowering stage.


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