ECO Farm Electric Medicinal Plants Dryer Machine

ECO Farm

ECO Farm dehydrator's heating element, fans, and vents simultaneously work to remove moisture from indoor growing plants. A dehydrator's heating element warms the food causing its moisture to be released from its interior.

The appliance's fan then blows the warm, moist air out of the appliance via the air vents. This process continues for hours until the plant is dried to substantially lower water content.

Adjustable thermostat from 95-to-160 degrees Fahrenheit (F); Built-in fan is designed to promote drying evenly without overheating, and the adjustable thermostat ensures that foods are dehydrated at their optimal temperature.

Dehydrates indoor growing plants for enhanced preservation: 5 stackable tray for flexible and easy plant removal, cleaning and increased airflow around your food for a more even and rapid dehydration.

Easy to see the inner details: The clear lid allows for easy viewing and observing

The ECO Farm dryer provides a controlled drying environment, meaning your indoor growing plant is perfectly dried in less time than it takes to hang dry. All while retaining potency, terpenes, and flavor.


How to use it?

  • Fill tray, leaving no space between buds for the maximum capacity.
  • Repeat with up to 5 trays per dryer unit.
  • Place lid on top.
  • Turn on the unit.
  • Use the lowest Temp for about 72 hours. (Please kindly note that the temperature and time for each plant are different, so we highly recommend you to have a test first.)


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