ECO Farm 780W/960W Foldable Full Cycle Dimmable LED Grow Light For Greenhouse

ECO Farm

  • Low Power Consumption & High Energy Efficience: ECO Farm 780W/960W led grow light is composed of Philips customized 3030 full spectrum 418pcs, Optical macro chip 660nm16pcs, Epistar chip 740nm3030-2pcs, Epistar chip 395nm3030-2pcs,438pcs*6 2628pcs,
  • This plant light is specially developed for indoor plants/greenhouse/hydroponic plants. The best planting range for a single light is: 4' x 4' to 5' x 5' feet when working at 100% power. The grow lamp can bring1770 umol/㎡ of micromole (the test result was got at a height of 18 inches). In ideal conditions, you will get harvest four times one year.
  • Full Spectrum Grow Light: We produce a full spectrum light through Philips customized 3030 full spectrum 418pcs. The plant light is composed of 660nm/740nm/395nm LED chips.This grow light can be used in the seedling, flowering, and fruiting stages of your plants. Without any exaggeration that you can look upon it as a small sun.
  • Controllable Power Output: Indoor plants need different Luminous efficiency output in different growth cycles. Our grow lights are equipped with a dimmable knob switch. You can adjust the height of the grow light or adjust the power of the plant lamp to achieve the best energy output. This design helps us do easier shipment packing, and you can store it easier.
  • It has a 120° wide beam angle to provide excellent light distribution and cover a large area.
  • Combined with 3 or 4 even-sized parts, each part can be folded.
  • With manual dimming knob and controllable dual-network port R14, suitable for smart light controllers to connect up to 200 LED lights
  • Warranty: 5 Years

    Test Report:



    Item 780W 960W
    Number of chips 2628PCS 3504PCS
    LED 6bar 8bar
    Wattage 780w 960w
    Chips Philips 3030 418pcs
    Optical macro chip 660nm16pcs
    Epistar chip 740nm3030-2pcs
    Epistar chip 395nm3030-2pcs
    438pcs*6 2628pcs
    Philips 3030 418pcs
    Optical macro chip 660nm16pcs
    Epistar chip 740nm 3030-2pcs
    Epistar chip 395nm 3030-2pcs
    438pcs*8 3504pcs
    Support Dimmer Yes Yes
    Spectrum Full Spectrum+660nm +UV395+IR 740nm
    PPF  1770umol/ 1850umol/s
    Power factor 0.95 0.95
    Input Voltage(V) AC100-277V AC100-277V
    Working Temperature(℃) -10-45℃ -10-45℃
    Working Lifetime(Hour) 50000 50000
    Product Weight(kg) 15 18
    Product Size 170*114*7cm 170*114*7cm
    Application Seed Starting, BLOOM, Other, VEG

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