ECO Farm 100W/240W/330W Quantum Board With Samsung 561C Chips Multi-Channel Dimming LED Grow Light

ECO Farm

Pls kindly note that: 100W was no dimming one with sonsen driver, 240W and 320W with 3 channels.

New 3 channels quantum board
Channel 1 for Bloom
Channel 2 for Veg
Channel 3 for UV IR


Item G3 Quantum 100W G3 Quantum 240W G3 Quantum 330W
Power 100W 240W 330W
Efficacy 2.1umol/J 2.3umol/J 2.3umol/J
Number of lamp beads LM561C 3000K 180pcs
LM561C 6500K 60pcs
UV 2pcs
IR 2pcs
660nm 6pcs
Channel1: LM561C 3000K 336pcs+18pcs 660nm
Channel2: LM561C 6500K 192pcs
UV 4pcs
IR 4pcs
660nm 4pcs
Channel1: LM561C 3000K 448pcs+24pcs 660nm
Channel2: LM561C 6500K 256cs
UV 8pcs
IR 6pcs
660nm 2pcs
Driver Sonsen Driver Meanwell HLG-240H-48AB Meanwell HLG-320H-48AB
Product size/weight 310*310*75mm/1.35KG 472*472*107mm/3.7KG 538*538*107mm/5.5KG
Packing size/weight 370mmx370x110/2.5KG 530*530*140mm/5.5KG 595*595*140mm/7KG


Outdoor optic mini nano water plant grow led light full spectrum indoor aquaponics plant seeds grow lights 3500k 660nm IR UV

100W Quantum Board:

240W Qauntum Board:

330W Qauntum Board:

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