ECO Farm 640W/800W/1000W Separately UV+IR Control Light With Samsung 281B+ Pro Chips Full Spectrum Light Strips

ECO Farm

  • ECO Farm GL series light with Samsung LM281B+ Pro new diodes' high energy efficiency (2.9 umol/J), light luminous efficacy almost equal to Samsung 301B. Moreover, Samsung chips provide outstanding resistance to heat, humidity, and chemicals, which ensures a long time lifespan. 
  • A LED driver is like an engine in a car, which determines the performance of equipment. Sonsen driver, the flagship product currently, stably supply voltage and adjust the temperature, to ensure the lifespan of the light strips, making it more efficient and more economical.
  • Three Channel dimming, Separately UV+IR Control: Channel 1: 3000K+5000K;  Channel 2: 660NM+730NM; Channel 3: 395NM

Model GL6-640W GL8-800W GL10-1000W
Chips Brand Samsung 281B+ Pro
Lamp Beads 5000k:1296pcs 3000k:1296pcs 660nm:96pcs         UV:108PCS           IR: 12PCS
5000k:1728pcs 3000k:1728pcs 660nm:128pcs        UV:144PCS        IR: 16PCS
5000k:2160pcs 3000k:2160pcs 660nm:160pcs        UV:180PCS        IR: 20PCS
Three Channel Dimming First channel: 3000K+5000K                                Second Channel:660NM+730NM                                                 Third Channel:395NM
Number of light bars 6 8 10
PPE 2..9umol/J
Driver UL certified Sonsen Driver
Light Dimension 1100*1100*70mm
Package Size 1180*280*245mm
Net Weight 11.5kg 12.5kg 13.5kg
Gross Weight 14kg 15kg 16kg
Certificate CE,ROHS,FCC

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