ECO Farm Pre-sale 10 Ton Electric Full Auto Rosin Press With Double Heating Plates

ECO Farm

Notice: Please kindly note that this 15000 psi rosin press was the latest one, every order needs around extra 10 days to produce.

If you could wait, we could offer some small products as a gift, thanks for your patience

Please consider these conditions before making payments.

ECO Farm company mastered the art of Rosin and our presses are the best in the industry. Our Rosin Presses use precision, feedback-control heating, and plates are designed for ideal heat transfer to your medium. After manufacturing and testing of each unit to the highest quality control standards,
The extraction process involves pressing nugs between parchment paper with a heat press to extract the valuable medicinal plants. it depends upon 4 things: @Temperature / @Amount of Time Pressed / @Amount of Force Applied / @Size/Weight of nug(s)




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