ECO Farm 4"x7" DIY Rosin Press Plate Kit With 4 Heating Rods

ECO Farm

  • Specially designed 4" x 7" rosin heat press with intense pressure, flexible temperature control and movable control box, is sure to obtain best result products for you. The picture transferred is not only clear and vivid, but also durable.
  • The heat press asks for manual control. Dual independently controlled heat platens allows the user to control the application of temperature and pressure carefully for maximum results. Note that too much heat, time or temperature may result in bad influence on outcomes. So remember to try a small sample to get the right temperature, time and pressure before mass production.

  • Quick Heating: 4 heating rods deliver and detect exact temperature with separated sensors and rods quickly and accurately.
  • Simple Operation: Mounting the heat plates to your press, plug and play. Easy time and temperature setting.
  • Compatibility: Heat press plates for any hydraulic press up to 20 tons with 2.16" diameter ram or less. Able to pair with A/H frame presses.
  • Thoughtful Accessories: Heat plate set (top & bottom) with dual temp sensors and 4 heating rods, 1 piece of double PID controller, manual included.
  • Wide Application: Double-side heating, used for pressing oil, transfer and sublimation on flat surfaces including textiles, t-shirts, mouse pads, puzzles, ceramic tiles, etc...

  • [Size Information]- 4" x 7" rosin press plates to pair 12-20 ton A-frame or H-frame hydraulic Press.
  • [Complete Accessories]- Rosin press plates (top & bottom), 1 piece of control box with dual digital display, dual temp sensors, four heating rods.
  • [Accurate and Even Heating]- Accurate temperature is detected using separated temp sensors and 4heating rods (300W each).
  • [Easy to Start]- This rosin plate kit is setup already, just move on to hydraulic press, then plug and play.
  • [Long Service Life]- More than 6,000 times' service of heating rods. Provides carefree usage.


1 x Anodized Rosin Plate Set (Top & Bottom)
1 x Rosin Control Box
4 x Heating Rods (with 2 Temp. Sensors)
1 x Power Cord
1 x Instruction Manual
Hex Wrenches and Bolts

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