ECO Farm High Power 150W Quantum Board With SMD Chips LED Light Panel

ECO Farm

ECO Farm 150W quantum board designed with 60pcs 660nm and 320pcs 3500K, infinitely close to natural light, best for all plants all stages growing, rapid plant response from seed to flower and increase yield & crop quality‎.

With SMD chips LED technology provide the highest PAR/LUMEN output, designed to replace a single-ended HPS light.

Low power consumption+high energy efficiency, makes you get more yields than other brand-led grow lights. Eco Farm quantum board makes you get 30% higher yield to compare with old led lights, max 2.2g yield per wattage. Over 90% light energy can be absorbed by plants, higher intensity and more even coverage in a grow tent, reflective area, or by crossing over using multiple grow light.

Adopted innovative fanless design, New Generation Led Grow Lights provide a silent grow room for you.

No noise, Appropriate Temperature.

Actual Power: 150w±5%
LED Chip: 380pcs
Input Voltage: AC100-277v
Grow Area: 2.5ft x 2.5ft = 0.8m x 0.8m Grow Tent
Max Coverage: 3ft x 3ft = 0.9m x 0.9m
Net Weight(kg): 2.2KG
Product Dimensions: 385*345*87mm
Spectrum: Full-spectrum for all cycles of plant growing
Hanging Distance: Seedling: 24''-30'' Veg: 18''-24'' Flower: 12-18

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