ECO Farm Mini Electric Automatic Tobacco Rolling Machine

ECO Farm

  • Mini type, easy to use, portable.
  • A easyer operation and a larger power had upgrade in this machine.
  • Everyone could be great cigarette operators.
  • Economical, a perfect gift, healthier
  • The machine can adjust the tightness of tobacco freely.

Rotating red gears, you can adjust the density of tobacco, cigarette making you like. With ergonomic design, the base is non-slip.

100% brand new, high quality, efficient, and reliable ability to work, first-class production technology.Material: transparent resin material, ABS and stainless steel.

Environmentally friendly materials, stylish design, first-class crafts. Everyone could be great cigarette operators.

Portable and easy to use and clean.High cost performance, this little machine can do you a favor to make cigarette by yourself and bring joyful experience for your life.

Connect the power cord and put the empty pipe on the pipe;The cut tobacco into the feed inlet;Press the start button to start smoking;Cigarettes have been made, take out can be smoked.

Professional advice:

How to choose tobacco: The tobacco should not be too dry but a little moist (about 16%-28% humidity), or use a humidity detector to confirm the humidity of the tobacco. Avoid stems in tobacco.

How to avoid Cherry Fall: Using the tightness adjust switch to adapt to different tobacco and your habit; Using a stir bar(item included), when the machine is filling cigarettes, properly pressing the tobacco in the hopper can make the cigarettes of better quality.

Excellent customers reviews about using suggestions

Store your tobacco in an airtight container and make sure it is appropriately humidified/moisturized. Bone dry tobacco makes for a looser roll and more likely to make the cherry fall off.

Apply more resistance to the butt while the tube fills. This will give you a tighter roll (more like purchased cigs).

When you put your completed cigarettes in a case or box, "pack" them more by slapping the butt end of the box/case on your hand. This will release most of the loose tobacco from the other end of the cig and further tighten the roll.

Material: ABS Plastic
Main Colour: Red & Black
Voltage: AC 110V
Size: 153 х 66 х 53 mm/6.02 x 2.60 x 2.09 in
Weight: 385g/0.85lbs

Package Including:

1 x Electric Automatic Cigarette Injector Rolling Machine
1 x Brush for cleaning
1 x Instruction in English
1 x Charging Adapter

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