ECO Farm Plastic Flower Pot Hanging Planter for Indoor Outdoor Garden Plants

ECO Farm

1.The hanging pot has a charming woven appearance and texture, very similar to the real rattan (but not real rattan material) classic style round flower bed, can be easily hung around, and can add luster to any place in your home.

2.The decorative pots are made of polypropylene resin with excellent resilience and durability. The resin ensures that they will not flake off, fade, change color, spread out, dent, or rust while keeping light weight.

3.The gondola is environmentally friendly and healthy. It includes a decorative, rust-proof three-chain hanger and hook, which can be hung indoors and outdoors and provides firm support. 

Type: Propagator Kits
Usage Condition: hanging, Garden
Room Space: Indoor and Outdoor
Material: Plastic

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