ECO Farm Agricultural Detachable Foldable Hanging Dryer Rack Herb Drying Nets

ECO Farm

 The drying net is made of high-quality PE material, which is environmentally friendly and durable. The edge line is tightly stitched, the galvanized frame is firm and firm, and the interface is carefully welded.

This dryer net can store beans, vegetables, dried fruits, dried flowers, preserved fish, sausages, seafood and other foods. You can also put some clothes, dolls. Each layer can put different items to meet your multiple needs.

The drying net is foldable, can be freely stretched, easy to store, fold up and put into the cabinet when not in use, can save space. There is a zipper design on the front, which is convenient for opening and closing.

Brand Name: ECO Farm
Material: Nylon
Product name:  Foldable Hanging Dryer
Type: Cross-shape drying net
Frame: Galvanized Stainless Steel Wire
Size: 45*45*65



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