ECO Farm 5 Trays Stainless Dryer Household Dehydration Machine

ECO Farm

ECO Farm dryer provides a controlled drying environment, meaning your indoor growing plant is perfectly dried in less time than it takes to hang dry. All while retaining potency, terpenes, and flavor.

A multi-tier electric dryer that can preserve varieties of food. Produces nutritious food with very simple preparation.

Comes with 5 removable stackable food trays or dryer trays. Since the trays are removable, they are very easy to clean including the dehydrating machine.

The ECO Farm dryer gives you the perfect environment to dry your plants every time. Using advanced technology, ECO Farm provides you with a ideal temperature that has been tested exclusively for drying indoor growing plants.

Multi-directional airflow, along with open-weave trays ensures each bud is dried consistently. This also means you do not need to rotate or touch the buds during the drying process.

ECO Farm provides all of this in a captured environment, meaning you get high-quality, consistent drying in a small, enclosed space. Take back all of the space you’ve needed for hang drying because ECO Farm only needs one square foot to give you consistent drying every time.

  • Fill tray, leaving no space between buds for the maximum capacity.
  • Repeat with up to 5 trays per dryer unit.
  • Place lid on top.
  • Turn on the unit.
  • Use the lowest Temp for about 72 hours. (Please kindly note that the temperature and time for each plant are different, so we highly recommend you to have a test first.)

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