ECO Farm Mending Waterproof Tape Strong Adhesive Tape Water Pipe

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1.Black flexible seal repair tape that provides instant and watertight sealing to leaks on all surface types.
2.The tough rubber backing on this waterproof tape can be used on wet surfaces.
3.Flexible rubber surface resists tears, heat and frost- making it a great OUTDOOR Stop Leak Tape even on extreme temperatures (-30F to 374F).
4.This swift response patch seal tape can be applied to all weather types and on smooth or rough surfaces for long-term repairs.

Let it add emergency vehicles and equipment to repair garden hoses.

Hose soil leakage, pipes, pipes.

Waterproof electrical connections and terminals.

New high quality!
Type: repair tape
Color: black
Length: 1520 mm
Width: 100 mm
Thickness :0,5mm / 20000 years
Isolation: 800 volts
Temperature range :-60 C 260
Stress: up to 5 bars
This package contains :1 repair tape


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