ECO Farm Garden Plant Nursery Pot With Lid12 Cell Germination Starter Seedling Tray With Dome

ECO Farm

This seedling starter seedling tray with dome lid box is used to centrally manage the propagation of sowing leaves.

Constructing like a greenhouse is conducive to germination, facilitates watering by immersion, and improves the germination rate.

The transparent cover is heat-retaining and moisturizing, which is convenient for viewing the growth process of the seedlings, avoiding the troublesome operation caused by the plastic wrap and easily hurting the seedlings.

🔅Made of quality plastic that is solid and durable
🔅It is easy and convenient for your daily use
🔅It is convenient for centralized management
🔅Transparent lid plays roles of heat preservation and moisturizing
🔅You can see the seedling growth process clearly
🔅Trays with 5cm-depth cells are convenient for bottom watering
🔅Trays are stackable for easy storage, to save space


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