ECO Farm DWC Hydroponic System 6 Bucket Grow Kit System

ECO Farm

  • HYDROPONIC 6 BUCKET SYSTEM: Deep water culture system designed to provide a great growing environment for your plants; bucket basket to hold your choice of growing medium that has a watertight seal to guarantee no leaks
  • AIR HOSE: Multi-purpose air hose delivers air from the pump to the bottom of the bucket
  • DWC and top feed aeration cycle drip irrigation - using double outlet air pump, standard hydropod aerates your reservoir at the same time, so that DWC roots grow vigorously, while also providing a cycle top feed drip irrigation system.
  • Compared with traditional horticulture, DWC hydroponic system is the most effective way to use water for plant growth. Apart from the waste used in the factory, there is no other waste and the evaporation is very small. The basic materials for cultivation can be recycled, so soilless cultivation has the advantages of water saving, labor saving and high yield. It has been more and more widely used in horticulture and agriculture.

Package Include:

>HS-0106 PVC--1+6 Group Standard:

1, hydroponic barrel (20L)---Group 6

2, main liquid bucket (20L)---group 1

3, water pump and air pump----1 units

4, clay pebble----1 bag

5, air tubing----6 M

6, gas-rock----.6 pcs

7, one-way valve---6 pcs.

8, the visual water Level Group----1 sets

9, valve connection----6 groups

10, copies of the instructions------- 1 pcs.

11, thickened plus hard 5 layers corrugated outer box packaging

Note: Standard does not include PH test pen, etc.

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