ECO Farm Carbon Smell Proof Bags Combo Container Not Leaking

ECO Farm


  • 100% SMELL-PROOF ACTIVATED CARBON – This patent-pending product offers superior odor-proof control, even dogs can’t smell what’s inside. Perfect for trapping smells to avoid unwanted attention in public places and keep things discreet in your home, at work or while traveling. These premium lockable smell proof bags are dog tested and approved.
  • COMBINATION LOCK – Keep your valuables safe and protected with this smell proof bag. Moreover, these hidden scent stash bags prevent unnecessary incidence where children or pets can get in contact with your goods.
  • WEATHERPROOF – You know your stash are well protected when the four elements were kept in mind during the design process. This odor-proof bag can take the heat, the cold, and everything in between. More importantly, the outer shell is water-resistant keeping your techs and plants safely protected inside.
  • DURABILITY MEETS FUNCTIONALITY – Designed to stand the test of time with heavy-duty constructed materials, these odor-proof bags can be used daily for years to come. Moreover, this case is modular to help keep your stash organized to the way you like it – perfect for your grinder card, rolling papers, lighters, baggies, pipes and more.

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