ECO Farm 200W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light With Meanwell Driver Samsung 301B CREE Chips New Upgrade

ECO Farm

No need to add extra ballast with the ECO Farm LED grow light.
Grow with full-spectrum ECO Farm grow light, more yield, more energy-saving and less heat.
Professional: High pressure die casting aluminum with anodic oxidation treatment.
Dual-use: Indoor and outdoor waterproof IP65.
Incomparable cooling: Huge aluminum heat sink with fins, 3D heat design can conduct rapidly to keep light source a lower temperature and extend its lifespan.
Quality components: Powered by MEANWELL and equipped with agricultural LED lighting branding partners USA made high-intensity CREE & Korea Samsung LM301B SMD diodes.

Agricultural and horticultural operations
Supplemental greenhouse lighting
Hydroponics and flower exhibition
Indoor farms and greenhouse
Research and professional installation
Commercial vegetable and flower production

CREE 3000K - 160pcs
Samsung-301B 4000K - 32pcs
Epiled 660nm - 32pcs

Model No.

True Watt

Input Voltage

Input Current

Product size



Beam angle

Chip set

ECO Farm 200





15.7x11.6x4 inches

10 lbs

Full Spectrum


CREE 3000K - 160pcs

Samsung 4000K - 32pcs

Epiled 660nm - 32pcs

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