Best Quantum Boards 2022 Reviews

August 15, 2022

What is Quantum Board?

Quantum boards are small boards arranged with LED chips. These chips are spread all over the board. This way they can get power from the same source at the same time. The Horticultural Lighting Group (HLG) of Quantum boards is considered one of the most efficient, high-intensity horticultural light engines. The HLG Quantum Board is a large circuit board with hundreds of medium power LEDs mounted on it. Large circuit boards allow for more even light distribution. It has many micro-LEDs that are fully connected in series to form strings for high voltage motion. Quantum boards are considered the same as COBs, except they span a wider area to completely cover a larger heat sink. It has low energy consumption to minimize the cost of additional heat sinks. The term quantum board was originally developed by HLG for LED grow lights, where the diodes are evenly distributed on the board. Most indoor growers buy Quantum Board LED grow lights to illuminate their plants and ensure they bloom well.

Are Quantum Boards Worth It?

Quantum boards are boards lined with LED chips. Chips are scattered on the board. This way they can get power from the same source at the same time. Quantum boards are popular in the manufacture of LED grow lights. As we all know, quantum board LED grow lights are more efficient and effective, and are other types of grow lights. Most indoor growers buy Quantum Board LED grow lights to illuminate their plants and ensure they bloom well.

What are the best brands of quantum boards?



This is a mid-range LED quantum board from the Horticultural Lighting Group product line. The light has 2 boards each containing 288 (576 total) Samsung LM301B diodes. The quantum board is placed on a larger aluminum plate with a dimmable Meanwell driver on the other side. The HLG 300 V2 measures 18" x 20" x 3". It comes with a 120v plug, so if your country uses 240v, you will need a 120V to 240V adapter. High Efficiency White Light Quantum Board, full spectrum of white light for Better Results.Reliable passive cooling design that uses diffused light to penetrate the tree canopy better, ideal for full-spectrum vegetables and flowers.
The Horticulture Lighting Group 300 V2 is ETL certified, which means it meets North American safety standards.



100 watt lamp kit with an ultra-efficient QB-288 V2 (version 2) quantum board. This is a great kit to use as a starter or as a supplemental grow light. The new Rspec spectrum will enhance flowering while still being an omnidirectional light from seed to harvest. Enjoy lower energy costs, less heat, and more output, 4% more efficient than previous models! The 3000k is slightly biased towards flowering and is also an excellent all-around light for vegetables and flowering. The 4000k is mainly used in the plant stage and as the main grow light. The HLG 100 Watt Kit V2 Rspec Quantum Board features 272 Max Bin Samsung LM301B LEDs and 16 Osram Crimson Diodes, the driver is adjustable between 45–100 watts. Input Voltage: 100–240 VAC The most efficient grow light kit on the market. The HLG-100 watt kit is also available in 3000K and 4000k. QB-288 V2 Rspec — LM301B and Osram Crimson Efficiency: 2.5 µmol/J. QB-288 V2 (3000K & 4000K) — LM301B Efficiency: 2.4 µmol/J. It can therefore be used for main or supplemental lighting as well as for side lighting in larger gardens.



4mm thick high-efficiency white light monster board, full spectrum of white light for better efficiency Reliable passive cooling design. Dimmable, *back wiring is waterproof, pre-assembled, cable cover, board 1 year warranty, MEAN WELL 5 Years Warranty on Drivers 100% Blue or Silver Radiator. Uses diffused light to penetrate the canopy better, so vegetables and flowers are perfect.



ECO Farm 480w Samsung 301H Chip LED Board Sunlike Full Spectrum: Premium Full Spectrum LED Growth Board Each board uses Samsung LM561C LED chip with the industry’s highest light efficiency of 2.7umol/J. Compared with other LED grow lights, this Samsung LED chip has higher brightness, higher PAR value and higher efficiency. Our grow light strips provide everything your plants need and are great for a wide variety of houseplants, vegetables and flowers in all growth stages and are especially helpful for plants.
MEAN WELL DRIVE AND REPLACABLE DESIGN: The LED grow light adopts the world famous MEAN WELL drive, which ranks first among the global power supply manufacturers, with a lifespan of up to 5 years. Independent detachable power supply design helps you reduce the cost of repairing led grow lights. Instead of throwing away your grow lights, you can easily replace the drive when the power supply is accidentally damaged.
Brighter and Ultra Wide Lighting Area: This plant grow light can replace traditional HPS/MH grow light with 40% energy saving, our LED grow light not only has more abundant lighting, but also has one more lighting area than other grow lights. times.
Efficient heat dissipation and waterproof: The grow light board housing is made of aluminum, which has excellent heat dissipation, no cooling fan required, and quiet operation. The scientific high and low groove design increases the heat dissipation area and dissipates heat quickly. The IP65 waterproof box makes the grow light suitable for more growing environments, especially for hydroponics, greenhouses, commercial planting projects, etc., providing a perfect solution for indoor plants.



The Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 550 V2 R-Spec LED light will replace a 1000W HID while consuming only 600 watts on the wall and emitting a light output of 1,522 umol/s! z This product adopts high-efficiency custom-designed white light quantum board of Samsung LM301H and LH351 660nm deep red, enhanced full spectrum of white light, which can achieve the best canopy penetration and easy observation; ideal seedling harvest and growth; reliable passive cooling design ( No cooling fan required); Optimum canopy penetration through large diffused light; Dimmable high-efficiency Inventronics drivers (60-600W range) Each HLG 550 V2 R-Spec lamp uses 4 custom-designed high-efficiency white light quanta Board Total: 2088 Top-Bin Samsung LM301H LED Array; 64 Top-Bin LH351 660nm Deep Red LED Array; How is this lamp different from HLG 550 Rspec? Compared to the HLG 550 Rspec, the HLG 600 Rspec has a slightly larger heatsink and 600W driver, giving you 18% more output for greater coverage and higher yields. ETL/CSA Business Growth Certification.

Benefits of Quantum Board LED Grow Lights:

Quantum Boards LED grow lights are a favorite of many of all the types of grow lights available. That’s because they bring many benefits. I will list some of the most important premium features:
Heat management
Even Light Distribution
High Efficiency

Disadvantages of quantum boards LED Grow Lights:

Quantum boards also have some drawbacks. We’ve highlighted some of the most important ones below. HLG (Horticultural Lighting Group) is the inventor and sole supplier of quantum panels. Lamps are often out of stock. Sometimes it’s hard to find one. We have already mentioned that many growers prefer quantum boards. Most of them were sold out as soon as they hit the shelves. Quantum boards are not easy to DIY. Another LED grow light can create your light patterns. Quantum boards are usually quite large. There isn’t much creativity or rearrangement to add to them. You will have to use the coverage and light patterns that come with them. Given that quantum boards consume less power, they tend to have lower light intensity. They may not be suitable for crops that require high-intensity lighting. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t good enough. If anything, the quantum board provides nearly correct lighting for most crops. Quantum boards typically have an open build. This means they cannot be used outdoors. They cannot survive any wet or wet conditions. They are primarily designed for grow tents, but the advantage of other grow lights is that some of them are waterproof and can be used in the open air even in wet conditions.



All in all, quantum boards have delivered great results for many growers. Clearly, the benefits they offer outweigh any doubts they may have. Additionally, they are superior to other types of grow lights in many ways. Quantum board grow lights are the best grow lights for many growers. Adding quantum boards to your grow light system will definitely benefit your crops. Ultimately, any device that can reduce your grow room maintenance costs is good news. The effect of the quantum board growth lamp will be reflected, so the quantum board is worth the money.