What PH Meter to Buy For Medicinal Plants Growing

January 27, 2022

A pH meter is a valuable, must-have tool for any gardener. A soil pH tester or pH meter can tell you if your soil is acidic or alkaline, which means you’ll know exactly what you can and cannot grow in your yard or indoor garden before you plant it.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best pH Meter

Choosing the best pH meter for your garden depends on a few factors, including where you’ll be using your meter (indoor or outdoor) as well as what you need it to measure. Some pH meters measure more than just pH, making them useful, multifunctional tools. Below we’ve outlined shopping considerations to think about before buying a pH meter.


When it comes to pH levels, accuracy is imperative. Some pH meters have additional features that contribute to their accuracy. For example, a pH meter may use double electrodes to better assess soil pH, or it may suggest leaving the probes in the soil longer for a greater exposure time to get a more accurate reading.

Regardless of the pH meter’s features, it’s important that it gives consistent and accurate readings.


When searching for the best pH meter, don’t forget to check its calibration settings, as a well-calibrated pH meter will give you the most accurate reading. As you shop, you may discover that some ph meters require a specific environment to work properly. For example, some pH meters shouldn’t be used with hydroponic gardens, while others may not work unless the soil is moist, if not wet.

Before purchasing a product, be sure to check the instructions for properly calibrating the device to ensure it’ll work for your plants’ environment.


Most pH soil meters come with electrodes, also called probes, to help properly detect the pH of the soil. These handy devices usually come with two probes: one for moisture and one for the pH. However, some pH meters only have a single probe.

If you want a pH meter that can accurately detect soil moisture, consider looking for a product that has dual probes that stick into the soil. If you only want to measure the soil pH, a single probe is enough to get the job done. It all depends on how much information you’d like to get out of your pH meter.


If you’ll be using your pH meter outside, portability is an important consideration, especially if your garden is far from your home. Fortunately, most pH meters are easy to carry around, even if their electrodes make them a bit lengthy or awkward to hold.

Some pH meters are designed to be portable, so if you need to keep a pH meter in your pocket or are interested in something that’s compact and easy to store when you’re not using it, you may want to consider buying a small pH meter. If you’re using your pH meter solely indoors or in a greenhouse, size may not matter as much to you.

These pH meters made it on our list of top picks based on their accuracy, ease of use, affordability, and features. Whether you’re looking for a multifunctional pH meter or one that’s easy to transport, this list is sure to help you choose the best pH meter on the market.


1.Measuring range: PH: 0.00-14.00 T.: 0.1°C-80°C
2.Resolution: PH: 0.01PH T. : 0.1°C
3.Precision : PH::+/- 0.01 PH T. : +/-0.5°C
4..Automatic temperature compensation: 0.1°C—80.0°C
5.Battery: 3 *1.5 V( AG-13 button cell)
6.Operation temperature: 0---80°C
7.Calibration: Automatic two point calibration
8.Auto shut off function: 4 minutes
9.Without battery



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FAQs About Your pH Meter

For more information regarding pH meters, here are a few common questions and their answers about pH meters for both indoor and outdoor gardens.

Q: Which is more accurate: pH paper or pH meter?

As long as you use both correctly, each can be equally accurate for measuring your soil pH.

Q:How moist should soil be to get the most accurate pH reading?

Some pH meters shouldn’t be used with hydroponic gardens, while others may not work unless the soil is moist, if not wet. The probes of a ph meter shouldn’t be inserted into standing water. However, if the soil is too hard to insert the probes, you can water the soil and wait 30 minutes before measuring the pH.


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