What Is A Rosin Press Used For?

January 11, 2022

Sometimes called a wax press, a rosin press is a tool that uses two heated metal plates to press medicinal plants with enough force to cause the plants to ooze out of the trichomes in an oily, resinous form called rosin. Touted as a way for anyone to produce solventless extracts, a rosin press allows you to go from nug to dab fairly quickly concentrate-out machine. Commercial producers may also use kief or hash as rosin press inputs. It's said that flower generally produces more flavorful rosin and kief or hash rosin is more potent.

More about rosin presses

Components of a rosin press include pressure or smash plates, which heat up and apply firm, even pressure to the input material, and a means of creating the pressure. Homemade presses made from hair straighteners might use clamps or just manual squeezing for pressure while commercial models use hand cranks, levers, and pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders.

To contain the plant material, and keep it out of the final product, commercially available presses use rosin bags or small mesh bags. The bags come in sizes that match the pressure plates and the amount of input material — 3 gram or 7 gram, for example. The bag can rest directly on the bottom plate or on a piece of parchment paper that hangs over to catch the oozing rosin. Homemade presses can also use rosin or mesh bags though some DIYers press their flower, kief, or hash directly on parchment paper and just scrape off the resulting rosin rather than use a bag.

Bottom line: Rosin presses range in size from small, handheld models for home users to big commercial rigs used to produce the rosin carried at your favorite dispensary. Rosin can also be the starting point for making concentrates in a variety of consistencies, including shiny shatter, gloopy budder, and oily sauce.

 Today I will show you two of our best rosin presses.

ECO Farm 8 Ton Rosin Press New Upgrade Press Machine With Pressure Gauge

ECO Farm 8 Ton Rosin Press New Upgrade Press Machine With Pressure Gauge


  • 8 Ton hydraulic device gives better heat press efficiency
  • Upper and lower heat Plate Size: 6cm x 12cm(2.4"x4.7")
  • Time range: 0s-999s
  • Power: 600W

ECO Farm 8 Ton Power Rosin Press Hydraulic Rosin Press Machine

ECO Farm 8 Ton Power Rosin Press Hydraulic Rosin Press Machine


  • Lightweight But Powerful & Sturdy. Maximum Pressing Force Up To 8 Ton. 14000 psi Ram Hydraulic Jack Ensures Successful Pressing at Relatively Low Temperature.
  • 5" x 2.5" Dual Heating Plates with Touchscreen Temperature Control & Press Timer. Fahrenheit and Celsius Temperature Scale Options
  • Easy to Operate. No Extra Equipment Required. Save Energy by Automatic Sleep/Wake Modes.

In conclusion, rosin is a safe option and requires no solvents, meaning there is no risk for explosion or inhalation of chemicals. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get a rosin press and start squishing!

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