The Best Rosin Press Machine

April 01, 2022


What is a rosin press?

A rosin press is a machine that uses a pair of heated plates to press with enough pressure any cannabis material, such as buds, keif, or hash, which causes the cannabinoids and terpenes to seep out in an oily form called rosin.

Rosin gained popularity with its solventless yet easy extraction process. With the help of micron filtration bags, you get rosin in a matter of minutes with a rosin press.

Why you should buy a rosin press?

The rosin press is a perfect equipment to get it done efficiently. It extracts material from your weed plants. Undoubtedly, the rosin heat press is the best way to dab! Once you try it, you will never think of using solvents for making products.


Why you should choose this type of rosin press?

1) High even pressure

2) Updated LCD panels, each panel to control each heating plate

3) Double up and down platen heating up

4) Strong struction to support high pressure

5) Big size air regulater to hold better pressure from the air cylinder

6) LCD controller panel to make the machine much more exact

 ECO Farm 20 Ton Full Electronic Automatic Rosin Press Machine



Why you should choose this type of rosin press? 

  • Heat Press Style: Flat press with mug press

  • Non-stick coated heat plates

  • Even-heat and pressure Die-casting heat platen

  • Digital timer and temperature control

  • Heat resistant silicon pad capable of enduring high temperatures. CE Approved

  • Voltage: 110V/220V

  • Temperature Range: 0° - 415º F

  • Heat indicating light
  • Full range heating coils for quick heat up




Electric rosin presses are fairly new to the market but are gaining rapid adoption and popularity. It's obvious to see why, because electric rosin presses don't require any compressors or external pumps to function. All you need is an electrical outlet and you're good for extraction.The major festival is coming and we provide customers with more favorable prices. Welcome customers to come and buy.

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