Should I Get A Dehumidifier For The Greenhouse?

January 06, 2022

Simple hydroponic growing systems are easy to set up and maintain. Even the most untalented gardener can enjoy a lush, fresh harvest of food and herbs on a daily basis. Whether you have indoor growing facilities or set up a simple hydroponic herb garden in an indoor greenhouse, a sunny windowsill or on your kitchen counter using a grow light, using a dehumidifier can make a big difference.

Regardless of your gardening experience, a dehumidifier can improve the growing conditions in your greenhouse, guaranteeing a better and healthier life for your plants. Too much humidity leads to too much condensation which can, in turn, be disastrous for your greenhouse.

Manage Mildew Effectively With A Greenhouse Dehumidifier

According to Greenhouse Product News, too much humidity in a greenhouse spells trouble. Condensation dripping from the ceiling can spread diseases. Often, fresh cuttings and trimming that catch water in recess of the cut are the first signs.

Slowly, water puddles can form on the greenhouse floor and promote algae growth, and insect breeding. That’s not to mention they can be a safety hazard for yourself or workers.

However, too little humidity can stress plants by accelerating transpiration. Finding the right balance is the key to your plants’ growth.

Humidity Control is the Key

 Many plants attempt to wick away excess moisture on their leaves, pulling in water from the roots to the leaves through the xylem.

Specialized lighting, warm air, timing, and watering mechanisms are needed to optimize plant growth. Fans may be needed to help the air circulation, and dehumidification of the area may be required for the comfort of everyone and the health of the plants.

Wet foliage, unfortunately, is one way to guarantee a fungal infection or an outbreak of mildew. Botrytis, or powdery mildew, is a fungal disease that can occur in plants if the humidity level is too high, especially with the added heat.

Both Too Dry and Too Wet Are Bad, and Vary Depending On The Plants

Having ideal climate conditions is necessary in order for your plants to thrive. Dry air can hinder your plants’ growth.

You need the right balance of humidity in order to maintain your greenhouse. Which is another reason why a greenhouse dehumidifier is a good option; it can help you maintain that level. If you have to battle with indoor air and climate control. ECO Farm dehumidifier is your best dehumidification solution.

ECO Farm 138L Portable Commercial Dehumidifier For Greenhouse

ECO Farm 138L Portable Commercial Dehumidifier For Greenhouse

  • ECO Farm's large-capacity dehumidifier has a built-in eight-liter large water tank with a large dehumidification capacity.
  • Really large 1.5P dry experience, 3520W large cooling capacity, the greater the cooling capacity, the better the dehumidification effect.
  • Highly equipped dehumidification, strong power, from good core, cold and high temperature resistance, stable performance, overload protection.
  • Ultra-large centrifugal fan, matched with volute air duct, large air volume, enhance air circulation, and dehumidify stronger.
  • Humanized functional design: Humidity housekeeper can accurately control humidity with simple operations. Time steward, 24-hour timer switch machine setting. With intelligent memory, the machine will automatically generate an operating mode based on the user's 90-day usage habits. The fault manager, the screen displays the cause of the fault, the display "E1" is the defrost sensor failure, and the display "E2" is the temperature and humidity sensor failure.
  • The external drainage pipe can be directly discharged into the underground pipe to avoid the trouble of frequent water pouring.
  • All copper two vessels, plus hydrophilic aluminum foil treatment process, condensing water is more efficient.
  • Thickened and hardened metal shell, strong and wear-resistant, high-strength sheet metal material, the surface is sprayed, and has the characteristics of anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion.

ECO Farm 2L Small Greenhouse Dehumidifier Moisture Absorption And Dehumidification Dryer

ECO Farm 2L Small Greenhouse Dehumidifier Moisture Absorption And Dehumidification Dryer

  • The ECO Farm dehumidifier can be started by one button, and the operation is simple.
  • Built-in invisible handle, easy to move.
  • High efficiency, dehumidification capacity is as high as 1L/day (30c RH80%).
  • Large air duct design, double-sided air outlet.
  • Removable transparent water tank, visualized water level.
  • Silent work-new silent wind wheel design.
  • Small size, light weight-energy saving.
  • Safety protection, automatically shut down after being filled with water.
  • ABS shell, impact resistance, wear resistance, low temperature resistance, environmental protection, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance.

ECO Farm 1L Mini Dehumidifier 360° Moisture Absorption Visualization Window

ECO Farm 1L Mini Dehumidifier 360° Moisture Absorption Visualization Window

  • ECO Farm dehumidifier uses non-consumable silica dehumidifying particles to absorb moisture. After the moisture absorption reaches the saturation level, the moisture absorption capacity can be restored by heating and drying the dehumidifying particles. Repeated moisture absorption, recycling, saving time and effort.
  • Polymer magic water-absorbing beads are used as the main desiccant. The micropores on the surface have a good affinity for water molecules. When the humidity in the air environment is too heavy, the water-absorbing beads will firmly grasp the excess water in the air without reverse osmosis and no accumulation of water. , Physical all-weather dehumidification, high absorption, one-time moisture absorption of 150ml, keeping every corner dry and comfortable.
  • The water-absorbent beads are synthesized by reaction, are non-toxic, tasteless, non-contact corrosion, safe moisture absorption, and have a wide range of applications.
  • Break the single-sided dehumidification mode, wrap around 38 square centimeters, double the dehumidification.
  • Two pieces of ceramic PTC heating element can be dried evenly, reducing the dehumidifier one step faster.
  • 350 grams of dehumidifying particles, dry once, dehumidify for half a month.
  • The magic moisture-absorbing beads can automatically change color when wet, and the orange beads will gradually turn dark green when they absorb water. Orange is the drying stage, which can be dehumidified; dark green is the stage after moisture absorption, which needs to be heated and dried.
  • Smart and compact, can be placed horizontally or vertically, saving space.

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