How to Keep a Grow Tent Cool: Most Exclusive Cooling Solutions EVER!

September 07, 2021

Lately, we’ve been publishing a number of articles that answer specific questions regarding grow space chilling. There are guides on high temperature controlling, cooling grow spaces with ice, and whatnot.
But what we eventually felt is, there should be a piece that touches everything on how to cool a grow tent and the questions followed by. And when we say everything, we mean it. It should be the one-stop article that every grower would be benefited from.

Reasons for A Rise in Grow Room Temperature

Improper Ventilation

Take a look at the outdoor garden or the local park. What’re the other things that mother nature is providing them apart from the sunlight? You’re right, it’s the natural air flow. Which is termed as ventilation system in case of indoor growing. Lack of proper ventilation comes with several discomforts for the plants. Here, I also want to recommend everyone that can use fans to keep ventilation and cool the grow tent.

Too Many Heat Producers

Lights are the greatest heat source in a grow room. But there are items that emit heat that circulates around the space. Examples- Light Ballasts, Large Pumps, etc. Therefore, we need to use the best led grow lights to decrease the heat on the greateat extent. Or you can choose to use samsung lm301b quantum board, because samsung quantum board has high quality and most of them have cool design.

3 Grow Room Cooling Solutions That Actually Work

Take Care of The Ventilation

Ventilation or air exchange of a grow space is the most important environmental factor that directly affects its temperature. Lack of proper air flow will result in a constant increase in temperature, as the heat generated inside will just accumulate.

To have an optimal coolness for the ventilation system, ensure a proper, and regulated air flow inside the grow space. Maximize the effectiveness of the grow fans. Start with placing input ductwork in the coolest place nearby. Next on, invest some bucks after an automated controller that raises and lowers the fan speeds, based on the temperature.

Optimize The Lights

Lights are the main culprit behind the dangerous heat spikes. There can be a few ways when lights will act more like heat sources rather than light sources. The ways are-

  • Lowering the lights when plants are mature.
  • Excessive heat generation from low-quality lights.
  • Lack of airflow between the lights and plant canopy.
  • Keeping the light on while it’s unnecessary(daytime).

Structurize The Grow Room

Number of Plants

An overcrowded grow tent is never ideal. Every tent has a maximum number of plants that it can house. Too many plants can cause many issues, the high temperature is one of them.

Above are my ideals about how to keep our grow tent cool, In case, If you are interested to know about the grow room setup, welcome to visit our website:


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