How Do I Dry And Cure Medicinal Plants?

January 08, 2022

After spending months planting and tending to your plants, you’re probably eager to try your final harvest. In order to make sure your yield is as healthy and flavorful as possible, though, you’ll need to do a little bit more than simply chop your yield off the plant. There are two important things you’ll need to do with your harvest in order to preserve — and even enhance — your harvested yield: drying and curing it.

Whether you're growing in a garden or using an indoor grow tent system, dried and cured yields last longer, taste better.

In this article, we’ll go over what drying and curing harvests actually does to your plants. We’re also going to explain to you how it’s done so you can dry and cure your own harvests. Before you actually touch your harvest, though, let’s talk about what these processes are.

What Is Drying and Curing?

Drying and curing are two processes that go hand in hand after a yield has been harvested by the grower. Rather than simply consuming your fruits, vegetables, herbs, or after harvesting, you’ll want to spend an additional couple of weeks — in some cases even months — drying and curing your crops.

What Does Drying and Curing Do for My Harvest?

While drying and curing your harvests will help improve the quality of your yields and help them last longer when stored, there isn’t exactly a one-size-fits-all approach. Different yields require different post-harvest treatment so they can be enhanced in different ways. The following are just a few examples of what drying and curing different yields can do for your harvest.

How to Dry and Cure Harvests?

Medicinal plants are dried by applying microwave power to plant materials in a chamber under reduced pressure to reduce the moisture content of the plant materials without significantly reducing (oxidizing) the concentration of active medicinal component in the dried plant materials and thereby produce a dried medicinal plant product which more closely approaches the medicinal properties of the fresh plant than those of dried products produced by conventional air drying processes.

Here are some plants dryers that will help you.

ECO Farm Electric Medicinal Plants Dryer Machine

 1. ECO Farm dryer machine could give you the perfect environment to dry your medicinal plants every time. Using advanced technology. ECO Farm provides you with an ideal temperature that has been tested exclusively for drying medicinal plants.

2. The appliance's fan could blow the warm, moist air out of the appliance via the air vents. This process continues for hours until the plant is dried to substantially lower water content.

3. Adjustable thermostat from 95-to-160 degrees Fahrenheit (F) [range from 35 ℃-70℃]; Built-in fan is designed to promote drying evenly without overheating, and the adjustable thermostat ensures that foods are dehydrated at their optimal temperature.

3. ECO Farm dryer machine could dry indoor growing plants for enhanced preservation: 5 stackable tray for flexible and easy plant removal, cleaning and increased airflow around your food for a more even and rapid dehydration.

 ECO Farm 5 Trays Medicinal Plants Dryer Machine For Household

ECO Farm 5 Trays Medicinal Plants Dryer Machine For Household


1. The plant dryer was created to share this process with other growers, like you, who know that there’s a better way to dry indoor growing medicinal plants and get consistent, impressive results every time.

2. A better way, the indoor growing medicinal plants dryer way, results in bud that is perfectly dried every time. All while retaining the terpenes, flavor, and THC content that you’re looking for.

3. Save Time, Money, and Space Using this dryer machine

4. How long does it take to dry indoor growing medicinal plants ? Typically it can take a week or more until it’s fully dried. Not to mention, drying indoor growing plant takes up a lot of valuable space. Space that could be used to expand your grow.

5. Why not save time, space, and ultimately money when you’re drying your medicinal plants? Indoor growing medicinal plants dryer takes up a little over one square foot and can dry at least 6 ounces in that small space.


 ECO Farm 5 Trays Dryer Dehydration Machine

ECO Farm 5 Trays Dryer Dehydration Machine

1. ECO Farm plants dryer features all food-grade safe plastic construction, a clear housing to monitor food.

2. This Food Grade Safe Plastic (BPA free) indoor growing plant dryer is built to ensure ‘Super’ long-lasting reliability & easy cleanup. The temp ranges allow for precision drying.

3. using the indoor growing plant dryer always follow the manual directions, for the correct drying temperature of desired food & prepping if need be. Do not overlap food on trays, this will disrupt airflow & proper drying.

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